Company: – SenseHawk

Location: – Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


  • Airlines/Aviation

Employment Type


Job Function

  • Engineering, Information Technology


As a software engineer at SenseHawk, you will be responsible for developing critical applications that are responsible for delivering valuable insights to our customers. Expectation are nothing more then ability to understand problems from first principles and sound programming fundamentals.

Being at SenseHawk should make you a pro with:

• Code optimization and reducing redundancy.

• Quick build cycles.

• Building APIs that can scale.

• Architecting simple solutions to complex problems.

Apply if you believe you are good with:

● Strong mathematical skills, at least in Geometry, Algebra, Calculus.

● Statistics & Probability (PGM is a plus).

● Proficiency with Python

● Machine learning skills (traditional + deep learning)

● Knowledge of Image Processing and their mathematical concepts.

● Able to use both symbolic and imperative ml frameworks.

● Optimization of models through statistical tests.

● Experience in Web Technologies.

● Distributed systems management.


● Big data skills like Hadoop, Spark

● Software architecture and design

Company – SenseHawk – Telangana

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